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Ordinances / Resolutions

The following online version of the Towamensing Township ordinances is not the official version.

The only official version is available through the Township office. Individuals who wish to review the official ordinances should contact the Township

Ordinances / Resolutions
  Zoning Ordinance   Ordinance No. 2015-3 download
  Driveways   Ordinance No. 2016-2 download
  Penalties of Violating Burn Bans   Ordinance No. 2016-3 download
  Littering, Dumping and Recycling   Ordinance No. 2019-1 download
  Removal of Vehicles   Ordinance No. 2020-1 download
  Fire/Emergency Charge and Recoup Costs   Ordinance No. 2020-2 download
  Short Term Rentals   Ordinance No. 2020-3 download
  Zoning - Short Term Rentals   Ordinance No. 2020-4 download
  Short Term Rental Fees   Resolution No. 2020-4 download
  Zoning Ordinance and Map Amendment   Ordinance No. 2020-5 download
  Garbage Resolution   Resolution No. 2021-11 download
  Tax Levy   Resolution No. 2021-12 download
  Zoning Map   - download
  Littering / Dumping   Resolution No. 2021-7 download

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