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Frequently Asked Questions

Towamensing Township

Moving In/Out

Must I get a Moving Permit?
Moving permits are required for any person or persons moving into, out of, or within the Township. Moving permit applications can be obtained at the township building during regular business hours or downloaded HERE. Cost is $5.00 (cash, check or money order) and must be paid with completed permit application.


How do I contact the Township Tax Collector?
For tax information, please contact the Elected Tax Collector found in the Administrative Directory.


Am I required to pay for garbage collection even if I don't use the service?
Per Township Resolution 2023-6, all residents are required to pay for garbage collection, whether used or not.

Can I put large items (mattresses, furniture, etc.) out with my weekly garbage?
One large piece per week can be put out. Contact the township office for details.

Does the Township rent dumpsters?
4 yard and 6 yard dumpsters are available for township residents to rent. Contact the township office for pricing and delivery information.

How do holidays affect garbage pick-up?
If scheduled garbage pick-up falls on a holiday, pick-up will be on the following day.

Does the Township pick up Christmas Trees?
Check the Garbage Collection Letter or the website calendar for pick-up date.


What items are accepted for recycling?
Plastics (#1 & #2), Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans, Cardboard, Glass Bottles & Jars, Newspapers. Scrap metal and waste oil are also accepted. See Garbage Collection Letter for details.

Does the Township recycle tires?
Tires can be brought to the township building during regular business hours. Prices vary with size of tire. See Garbage Collection Letter for prices.

Snow Plowing

The Township plowed my driveway and/or mailbox shut, who is responsible for clearing the snow away?
The Township is not responsible for clearing snow from the end of residents' driveways or mailboxes. Please visit Public Works Snow Removal for more information.

If a snow storm occurs on a garbage pick-up day, when will my garbage be collected?
Snow plowing takes precedence over garbage pick-up. The road crew will collect garbage as soon as possible after a storm.

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