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Public Works

Towamensing Township The Public Works Department crew of the Township provides many important services for the Township residents. The Road Department has five (5) full time employees to maintain 76 miles of road in the Township.

Public Works plow and salt the roads in the winter and maintain the roads in the spring, summer & fall by sweeping, repairing, and removing fallen trees/limbs from the road. They oversee maintaining the storm drains and inlets throughout the Township.

Public Works is also responsible for maintaining the Township owned vehicles, equipment, facilities, and buildings. Recreation Center and Soccer Field locations are maintained by the department as well.

Our Road Master is Scott Mosier.
Email: ttroad@ptd.net.

The Public Works can be reached 610-681-4202.


Why do we cut road shoulders?
From time to time, Towamensing Township cuts shoulders along your property. Please realize we are not doing this to make anything unsightly or dig up your yard. The Supervisors feel it is important for you to know why this is done.

What is a berm?
The berm of a road is a shoulder that extends beyond the driving lane, though it is sometimes partially paved. The purpose of a berm is to allow for better drainage from the road and as an assist in maintaining and protecting the road.

Road lanes are generally nine (9) feet wide. The Towamensing Township Supervisors want to uniformly maintain a berm of four (4) feet from the end of the road, although the road right-of-way, which includes the berm is 16 - 25 feet from the center of the road out to each side. Each road has a slight crown in the center so that extra materials will gravitate to the berm which helps to make the berm firm. If the grass is allowed to grow up to the edge of the driving lane it will hold moisture and the road edges will soften from poor drainage.

The road shoulder serves several essential functions. It is there to support the edge of the traveled portion of the roadway. In areas you may see the roadway breaking off along the side of the road. This is a result of improper drainage.

Proper drainage allows a paved road to have its useful life extended indefinitely and provides for you a smoother roadway to travel upon.

In order for the shoulder to perform all these functions, its shape is critical. First of all, the shoulder should be no higher or no lowerthan the edge of the roadway. By maintaining the shape, the low shoulder or drop-off is eliminated which is a safety hazard and also reduces roadway edge support. But the other extreme, when the shoulder is higher, it destroys the drainage of water directly from the surface to the real ditch. The roadway becomes a ditch.

Who do I call if there is a problem on the roadway?
Please call the Township Office at 610-681-4202.

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