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Emergency Management

Towamensing Township The Pennsylvania Management Services Code requires each municipality to have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) which includes a Basic Plan, a Checklist and a Notification & Resource Manual (NARM). The first two documents are available to the public.

The NARM is covered by the state privacy law. The reason for this is that it lists personnel, places and equipment that would be essential in dealing with an emergency/disaster.The plans must be reviewed every two years. In the absence of a plan, the County would have to act in the Supervisors place.

The Township supervisors have appointed Karl Verren as the Emergency Management Coordinator and Tom Newman as the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator. Their job, in the event of a "Emergency Declaration" by the supervisors, would be to coordinate the Township assets, business assets and volunteers in order to deal with the issues at hand. Examples of emergencies that the supervisors might be faced with include severe weather, flooding, power outages, forest fires etc.

"Emergency declarations" last for 7 days until renewed by the municipality. The emergency declaration empowers the supervisors to address the issues & bring in township and business resources. It also provides the basis for seeking aid from the Governor and the Federal Government in order to defray some of the cost.

Emergency Management Coordinator
Tom Newman

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
Ryan Campbell

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