Homebound or non-ambulatory or know someone who is?

Sign up with Housewatch at the 911 Center and advise them so that first responders might be aware of your situation and be able to assist in a more positive manner.

In the event of an emergency the Township has no way of knowing what residents may require special medical assistance during a fire emergency, Evacuation ect. dure to the privacy laws.

If you have Special Needs or Need Special Medical Assistance in the Event of an Emergency in the County or Township you can voluntarily fill out the Housewatch form and mail it to the 911 Center.

This Form is confidential and your information will be listed at the 911 Center. In the event of a 911 call from your residence, the medical information will pop on the 911 screen and first Responders will have a heads up on where you are and what medical needs you have. 

We encourage the special needs residents to sign up for HOUSEWATCH.

Click here to download the HOUSEWATCH form

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