Miscellaneous - Historic Sites of Towamensing
Beltzville State Pk 2950 Pohopoco Dr.
Beltzville Lake Reservoir Dam 2145 Pohopoco Dr.
Blacksmith Shop 245 Hazelwood bet.Interchg/W Stagecoach
Brick Kiln Site SE of Inn of Wm.Stoddard SE of Inn of William Stoddard
Bucks Store 225 Firehouse Rd
Camp Chick-a-wau-kee 2155/65 Forest St.
Clay pits for brick kiln Bet.Interchange Rd. & Raymond St.
Cool Cellar 2300 Spruce Hollow Rd. Spruce Hollow & E Stagecoach Rd.
Cool Cellar Albertine Anthony 485 E Stagecoach 485 E Stagecoach Rd.
Corn Crib 415 Church Dr. 415 Church Dr.
Forest Inn Amusement Pk. Bldg. 6340 Interchange Rd.
Guion, David House ruins Preachers Camp Drive
Ralph Strohl's Hotel- later House of Webb Inn Interchange Rd & Trachsville
Inn @ Stemlersville(Wm.Stoddard Inn) 345 W Stagecoach Rd & StemlersvilleRd
Jack River (Forest Inn) 325 Interchange Rd. 6325 Interchange Rd.
Kresge Store 340 W Stagecoach 340 W Stagecoach Rd & Hazelwood Rd.
Post Office Bldg. 6320 Pohopoco Dr. 6320 Pohopoco Dr.
Quarry,slate off Pohopoco Dr. SE.of Lakeview Dr off of Pohopoco Dr.
Quarry,slate off Trachsville Hill Rd. 100 yds NE off BridgeTrachsville Hill Rd.
Spring House near 235 Lonesome Ln. 430 Lonesome Rd.
Springhouse @ Kleintop Farm 385 Stable Rd.
Valleyview Park Preachers Cover Dr. 7505 Interchange Rd.
Voting House@Interchange & Trachsville Hill Rd 10085 Interchange Rd.
Voting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Demolished 07) w of Jack River(old Forest Inn)
Wagon Shed(so.of Kresge Storeon Hazelwood ) 350 W Stagecoach Rd