Zoning Hearing Board
The Towamensing Township Zoning Hearing Board consists of three members and an alternative member appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The primary role the Zoning Hearing Board is to insure the fair and equitable application and administration of the township's zoning ordinances. Other duties are to review zoning requests which include variances, appeals, special exceptions, and interpretations of the Zoning Officer.
Blacksmith shop - 245 Hazelwood Road
Blacksmith shop - 245 Hazelwood Road

The Zoning Hearing Board has no legislative powers which enables them to make or modify the township's zoning regulations. This board can not have enforcement powers, because it is a quasi-judicial body which means its powers is to some extent judicial by nature.

It is important that the zoning hearing board members have a thorough knowledge not only of its specific functions, but also of its place within the arena of local planning decisions. While the board is not responsible for the contents of the zoning ordinance, it nevertheless plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of the ordinance.

In addition the board may detect weaknesses in the zoning ordinance perhaps as a result of frequent and similar variance requests. When a flaw, weakness, lack of clarity is noticed, it should be passed along.

Therefore, the board may request the planning commission or governing body to consider a zoning amendment to correct an ordinance flaw. The board certainly needs to be aware of the governing body’s zoning goals and objectives. The comprehensive plan provides necessary insight into the purposes of the zoning ordinance.

Note: The above information is from the Pennsylvania Department Community and Economic Development

Zoning Applications and Forms

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Zoning Hearing Board

George Karas

Karl R. Pielmeier Jr.
Robert O'Donnell
William Acierno - alternate

Jenny Y. C. Cheng


Zoning Office

Zoning Officer

Carl Faust

E-mail: bmisinspector@gmail.com
Please include contact information and reference what type of zoning issue when e-mailing the Zoning Officer.
Phone: 570-943-2577
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